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Chaining Plugs Bug

Courtesy: The Forum Crew


When chaining mono plug-ins using OS 5.1, make sure the two plugs are not in adjacent slots of the FX card. If they are, the second plug will become un-assigned when you re-load the session. For example, if you chain a Drawmer Compressor to a Massenberg EQ, use slots 1 & 3, 1 & 4 or 2 & 4 and NOT 1 & 2, 2 & 3 or 3 & 4, to avoid the problem.


MDW EQ HF Noise Bug

Courtesy: ReynoldsAudio & SteveT


The Massenburg EQ plug-in for the UFX card, sweet as it is, has a problem.

Many users have noticed that it will occasionally emit a loud distorted noise, similar to a fax tone and is just as irritating. It seems most likely to occur when activating the high frequency band of the EQ.

It is not necessary to reboot. The problem is usually fixed by removing and re-assigning the MDW EQ.

  • Save your MDW preset with the HF band turned off
  • Go to the Plugin configuration page under the Plugin menu
  • Go to the offending MDW EQ under Plugin Select and select “none”, thus removing the EQ from the configuration.
  • Then re-select the MDW EQ, load your saved preset and engage the HF band.

All will then be OK to continue EQing.

If you are using multiple mono MDWs, make sure that they don't occupy adjacent slots on each UFX card.

In example:

  • Mono MDWs occupying slots 1 & 3, 2 & 4 or 1 & 4 are OK and you should not experience the problem.

  • Mono MDWs occupying slots 1 & 2, 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 are prone to the problem.

The same is also true of the mono Drawmer ADX100 plug-in. Loading them in adjacent slots causes unpredictable inter-reaction.


MFX Patch Name Recall Bug

Courtesy: The Forum Crew

The MFX plug-in suffers from a terminal “senior moment” in that when you load a saved session, it forgets the patch name saved previously and displays “Almost Vibrato”.

The settings and effect that you saved are still there. Only the name, not the patch, has changed.

To make things congruent so that you are seeing what you are hearing, save your MFX preset in the “User Preset” folder seperately, as well as saving your session. Then, after you reload the session in question, load your saved preset back into the MFX.

Bear in mind that all you will be doing is making the name correct for the patch since the parameters you load will be identical.


Plug-ins available On-Line

Courtesy: Mackie


All the plug-ins for the d8b are available on-line here.


Registration and Authorization Page

Courtesy: Mackie

To get the authorization codes you'll need to go to The Registration and Authorization Page

Have your Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and Box Codes handy.


TC FX Plug-in Bug

Courtesy: Dave Pine

The TC FX plug-in that comes free when you have a UFX card installed in the d8b, sometimes only returns the reverb to one channel instead of two.

In order to fix this, save your TC FX preset, replace the TC plug-in with any other stereo plug-in you may have such as Delay Factor. Assign both inputs to the aux you're using. Now, replace the other stereo plug-in with the TC and load your saved preset and all will be OK.

The TC likes to have both inputs assigned, even though you can't actually configure it that way on its own.


MFX Anomaly

Courtesy: crash and Dan Worley

It has been reported that when feeding the MFX card with a signal from the pre-insert or post insert points of a channel, the stereo returns can disengage of their own volition.

Solution pending.


Presets - MFX and DSP

Courtesy: The Forum Crew

The following are presets culled from the forum for the on board DSP modules and the MFX card.

They are in zip format so you'll need to unzip them and ftp them to the d8b or save them to floppy and load them that way. Make sure you place the unzipped files into the appropriate device's preset folders.

Be aware that the presets for the DSP modules were created using OS 3 and will need to be tweaked in order to offer the same results using OS 5.1. Of course, in 5.1, you can choose to use the V3 EQ algorithm with the EQ presets.

Acuma Comps

Anonymous Comps

Anonymous EQs

Anonymous Gates

EQ Library

Keith Olsen Series Presets

Lexicon MPX 1 Reverb Simulations


Following, are some text files with parameters that should be entered manually in the relevant MFX or DSP modules. Save them afterwards.

Beaus Guitar Chorus

Beaus String Bass

Drum Phase Fixer

Jungle Marimba

Led Zep Leslie